The Notes

  1. The Way We Do Things Here
  2. Raise Hell
  3. Getting Lucky (on St. Patrick’s Day)
  4. Line ‘Em Up (music: D. McCarthy, lyrics: McCarthy/Popovic/ Brennan)
  5. Boxing Rock
  6. Freezing Fog
  7. Alone (music/lyrics: S. Gardner)
  8. How Are You Keeping?
  9. The Pledge (music: T.Brennan, lyrics: T. Brennan/R.Popovic)
  10. Damaged Goods
  11. Hangover and Fifth
  12. Sweet Whiskey (music: D. McCarthy, lyrics: D.McCarthy/R.Popovic)
  13. Borrowed Time
  14. Keep Me In Your Prayers
  15. Waiting for McBride

 all songs written by Richard Popovic (BMI), unless otherwise noted

Produced by Denis McCarthy and Shilelagh Law
Recorded by John Walsh at Noreside Music, Yonkers, NY
Additional recording at The Barn at Big Red, Harrisville, NH
Photography: Kevin Lynch
Design and Layout: Denis McCarthy

Terence Brennan: percussion, vocals
Stephen Gardner: bass, mandolin, vocals
Denis McCarthy: fiddle, tin whistle, vocals
Kevin McCarthy: accordion, vocals
Richard Popovic: vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo

John Walsh: Electric guitar on 1,2,14, Bouzouki on 8
Isaac Alderson: Sax on 3,4,11, 12, Uilliean pipes on 5
Andrew McCarrick: Flute on 5, 12
Brian McCarthy: Percussion on 4, 7, 15
Kathleen Vesey-Fee: Vocals on 3, 1, 5
Matt Mancuso: Trumpet on 3, 4, 11, 12, 14
Leah Rankin: Cello on 5

Additional background vocals supplied by Brian McCartin, Kevin Lynch, Sean McGee, Brian McCarthy, Sean Duffy, David Lord, Ryan and Evan Brennan, Olive and Everett McBride, Emma and Tricia McCarthy and some random people we pulled in off of McLean Ave.


The Guests

The Story

It all started in an old barn in Harrisville, NH. The lads knew that the luxury of working for weeks straight in a studio together was not their reality. So Rich found David Lord, a neighbor who was willing to lend them his space for a few days and John Walsh came north with his mobile equipment, with Steve and Kevin in tow. John walked through the big sliding door, took about ten steps, clapped his hands to listen to the natural reverb and pronounced 'The mics go here'. After that, it was go time. Rich laid down guitar and vocals for twelve tracks, with Steve and Kevin helping to arrange songs on the fly. By the end of two and a half long days the framework for the album had been established. Now the real work could begin in earnest back in New York.

Over the course of the next year and a half, the songs slowly came together. Denis applied his vision and arranging prowess to each track, bringing in a deadly lineup of musicians from the NY Irish music scene and beyond. Line 'Em Up soon began to head in a different direction than the previous five Shilelagh Law albums, as the band found themselves comfortably inhabiting new musical ground: Americana, Rock, Old-Time, and even a bit of Western Swing. When asked to describe the music, John Walsh stated that it was a genre in and of itself: New York Irish-Americana.

When it finally wrapped up in February 2016, the lads knew they had made the right decision when they decided to step away form their custom of always including a few Irish standards on their albums. Instead, they focused on continuing to add to the songbook, something they have done since their humble beginnings almost twenty years ago. Line 'Em Up is a confident and assured collection of fifteen songs from a group of musicians who have paid their dues and done their time, the culmination of a long journey by five veterans of the New York Irish music scene. Their first eighteen years together has led up to this--let's see what the next eighteen bring.